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Reloading Supplies | Brass

Black Powder Cartridge and Smokeless load empty brass cases. Please click on the "MORE" button for quantity pricing options. If you see an "*" in the brass description then this case is formed from a more readily available case and will have the parent case headstamp on it. You may need to full length size, and/or trim your brass before loading. All of our brass is boxer primed unless stated otherwise. Most of the brass we sell is purchased and shipped by us in bulk and sold the same way to you. As a consequence the cases may have minor cosmetic dents, dings etc. This in no way affects the performance or quality of the case and is not considered a defect in any way. Use common sense when loading. Most of the guns that shoot these calibers are old. Do not use maximum loads! Some cases may need to be full length sized and trimmed before loading. If you don't see thie caliber you need please ask. It may be available or in stock!

Due to federal regulations we cannot ship rifle and pistol brass outside of the U.S. Unless we ship them through an exporter. Shotgun brass is excluded from these regulations. If your order has rifle or pistol brass on it we will automatically remove these from the order and ship the balance with out contacting you.