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1874 Sharps Sporting Rifle 34" 45-70

Item: SH200  Ample Stock
  Manufacturer: Pedersoli Imported by Cimarron Firearms
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Cimarron Firearms imported Pedersoli model 1874 Sharps single shot black powder cartridge rifle is similar to the rifle used in the movie "Quigley Down Under". The rifle shown is manufactured to Cimarron specifications by Pedersoli. Cimarron barrels have broached cut rifled barrels to preform with lead or modern jacketed bullets; hand lapped and polished as on expensive target barrels. The rifle sports a 34" heavy octagon tapered barrel, straight grip, sporting butt plate, hand rubbed oiled finished checkered walnut stock with patch box, silver Hartford nose cap and adjustable double set triggers. Standard blue barrel with case hardened forged steel frame and case colored lever and butt plate.
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