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High quality leather cartridge belts for your smokeless or Black Powder Cartridge firearms.


All of our cartridge belts are measured by waist measurements. To determine your waist size, measure a trouser belt (that fits) from the outer edge of the buckle to the most used hole. Use this waist size for ordering as determined by this method only. Use only waist size to determine the correct size belt for you. For your Black Powder Cartridge & Cowboy Guns needs.

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45-70 Rifle Cartridge Carrier Item: TK737 Ample Stock
Manufacturer: Triple K Brand $32.87
Deluxe Cartridge Belt .38 Cal. Med. 31"-36" Waist Item: OLP7511 Ample Stock
Manufacturer: Oklahoma Leather Products $58.90
Deluxe Cartridge Belt .38 Cal. XL 43"-48" Waist Item: OLP7513B Ample Stock
Manufacturer: Oklahoma Leather Products $62.35
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