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1851 Navy Percussion Black Powder Revolver Oval Trigger Guard Antique Finish 7.5" Barrel .36 Caliber

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  Manufacturer: Uberti Imported by Cimarron Firearms
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Cimarron imported Uberti black powder revolver version of Wild Bill's weapon of choice, the Colt 1851 Navy Percussion Revolver, and lots of folks on boot hill know why. Many a pistolero used the 1851 Navy percussion black powder revolver for years after more modern models were available due to the perfect balance and handling of this firearm. Engraved clyinder depicts the 1843 naval Battle of Campeche between the Mexican Navy and the combined Texas-Yucatan Navy. 
Antique finish, .36 caliber, one piece walnut grips, brass oval trigger guard and back strap, 7.5" barrel.
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