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1883 Burgess Rifle 20" 44-40 WCF Standard Blue

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  Manufacturer: Uberti Imported by Cimarron Firearms
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Cimarron imported Uberti manufactured Cowboy Action 1883 Colt Burgess Lever Action Rifle. Historically, Colt decided to go into the lever action rifle business by teaming up with Andrew Burgess, who had six previous patents while working with gun makers Whitney and Marlin. The 1883 Colt Burgess rifle became popluar and threatened the sales of Winchester 1873 and 1876 models and, so the story goes, Winchester let it be known at a private meeting between Winchester and Colt executives, that they were going into the revolver business by showing Colt some of their "new" revolvers. It seems during this meeting the two companies came to "a gentleman's agreement" where Colt would stay out of the lever gun business and Winchester would stay out of the revolver business. Whether true or not, Winchester never produced revolvers and Colt suddenly stopped making lever action guns in 1884 after only 3,810 rifles and 2,593 carbines were produced.

Firearm Specs-44WCF (44-40) caliber, color case hardened frame, standard blue finish, smooth walnut straight grip stock, 20 inch carbine barrel, 12 round tubular magazine. Firearm weight approx. 7.3 lbs.

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