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Rooster Jacket Waterproof Bullet Film Lube

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  Manufacturer: Rooster Laboratories
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Rooster Jacket Waterproof Black Powder Cartridge Paper Patch Bullet Film Lube. Unique and versatile lube for swaged and cast lead pistol bullets, copper-jacketed bullets and bore pre-lubing. It contains no volatile solvents, but does contain rust preventives for steel, and corrosion inhibitors for brass and copper. Also a great way to waterproof paper patch paper. Wax/water liquid emulsion dries to a clear, hard, tough, waterproof, waxy film with a 210 F melting point. Easy and quick to apply by hand-dipping or flood coating. Almost odorless. May be applied over any factory lube. Also favored by Bullseye Competition .45 caliber pistol shooters. Designed for up to 1,400 fps. Economical. Comes in 16 oz. bottles.
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Recent Reviews Rating: Reviewed By: Mike N. Review Date: 8/22/2016 Comments: my concentration was devoted to the bullets for the .50/70 and the next batch of bullets were treated by “painting” the lube onto the patch with a Q-tip. That works very well and the lubed bullets will dry in just a couple of hours. At the next shooting...
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