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PQ Shooter's Friend Recoil Pad

Item: ROL924  Ample Stock
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It is our goal to make shooting fun again with our no flinch pad. Men and women that shoot 1-400 rounds a week find "The Shooters Friend" to be a pad they can rely on. This high tech material absorbs impact by 70% and has a low abrasion factor. Easy on Easy off and will not slip around on the shoulder. So, increase your confidence and improve your accuracy with "The Shooters Friend!" This visco polymer substance was first developed to absorb the shock and shear of insoles and orthotics. Now it is being used to protect not only the hunter but also the stock of your rifle or shot gun.

This recoil pad won't harden or get brittle with age or harm gunstock. For use with rifle or shotgun, one size fits most buttstocks.

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Recent Reviews Rating: Reviewed By: Bruce D. Review Date: 7/4/2013 Comments: This recoil pad is awesome. I have a C sharps 45-70 with a serious crescent butt. First time I shot it without the pad and it hurt like hell and I had a nasty black/blue patch for 2 weeks. With the pad, nada. I fill in the hollow gap, as required with ...
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Rating: Reviewed By: Leland R. Review Date: 4/30/2011 Comments: After trying this pad I ordered three more. I shoot a 45-90 at midrange matches, and the Shooter's Friend does everything it is advertised to do, namely make it possible to fire 70+ rounds of heavy loads without hurting the shoulder. Great product, very...
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