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Marble's Improved Peep Tang Sight Base Only
Item: MAR991001  Low Stock
| Manufacturer: Marble Arms
Your Price: $64.77

The New Marble's Improved Peep Tang Sight Base can be used on the following model firearms, please be sure that you order the SCREW SET and appropriate UPRIGHT shown for your firearm;

American Arms 1874 Sharps use screw set Mar995027, Armi Sport 1874 use screw set Mar995032, Browning 1885 with upper tang use screw set 995001, Browning 78 & 1885 without upper tang use screw set Mar995026, Browning 53, 65 and 1892 (Japan) use screw set Mar995007, Cimarron 1866 use screw set #Mar995010, EMF 1874 Sharps (not carbine) use screw set #Mar995032, H&R Buffalo Classic use screw set #Mar995026, Henry H001, H001T .22 Lever (not H001V), Henry Big Boy .44 magnum, .45 use screw set #Mar995017, Rossi 65 & 1892 use screw set #Mar995002, Rossi 59 & 62 use screw set #Mar995005, Shiloh Sharps 1874 use screw set #Mar995030, Springfield 1870 use screw set #Mar995026, Taylor Arms 1874 use screw set #Mar995003, Thompson Center Scout use screw set #Mar995001, Uberti 1885 use screw set #Mar995033, Uberti 1892 & 1886 use screw set #Mar995001, Uberti Henry use screw set

#Mar995028, Varner .22 Favorite use screw set #Mar995008, Winchester 1885 (Japan) use screw set #Mar995001, Winchester 53 & 55 use screw set #Mar995003, Winchester 62 & 1890 use screw set #Mar995018, Winchester 64 & 65 use screw set #Mar995003, Winchester 1866 use screw set #Mar995020, Winchester 1873 use screw set #Mar995004, Winchester 1885 (original) use screw set #Mar995021, Winchester 1892 (original), 1894 except .22 Cal. use screw set #Mar995003, Winchester 1906 use screw set #Mar995018.

UPRIGHTS; Short Range Upright Stem(#Mar990100) approximate distance of 0-250 yard, Standard Upright(#Mar990110) approximate distance of 200-500 yards, Mid Range Upright(#Mar990120) approximate distance of 450-750 yards, and Long Range Upright(#Mar990130) approximate distance of 700-1000 yards. (Some guns can not use the Shortest Upright Stem because it does not clear the receiver to the lowest possible upright.) The distances will vary do to the caliber, barrel length, make and model.

Manufacturer: Marble Arms
Shipping Weight: 0.35 lbs
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