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Sharps Rifles of Montana;The Austin Monk Collection by Janet Monk, Paper Back - Product Review
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Reviewed By: Christopher B.
Review Date: 5/10/2014
A really nice quality book but there are only around 25 photos of Sharps, of which half (approx) are of the Sharps Borchardt, the rest of the book is made up of a Peabody, Luger, Pistols, Winchesters as well as stories about Cowboy Bob (?), Virginia City shoots etc.. If like me you were expecting a book about Sharps rifles, you will be disappointed, although this is what the title "Sharps Rifles of Montana" of the book would suggest. I am sorry to be negative as the book is very well put together with some good writing, but just not a Sharps book. Chris.

Reviewed By: Cody S.
Review Date: 9/28/2013
Great pictures! 80 pages long in 8 1/2 by 11 format. It almost feels like a high quality magazine, but it is still a book. There are also lots of letters from Dr. Labowskie regarding information from the Sharps records about many of the specific rifles. New books on Sharps rifles don't come along very often, so I was excited to order this book after I had read the description. I hope my review does not hamper the books sales, but I was rather disappointed with the book. I don't feel the description matches it very well. The high quality photography was awesome, but it left me wishing I could handle the guns or turn image slightly so I could see some other detail. The biggest disappointment was the comment "This is the story of those guns." This statement is should have been "This is the story of an old lady dealing with those guns." I was hoping for a detailed story on each one tracing it's history from the time it left the factory. The book is only a collection of pictures of each gun, with a research letter if it was acquired, and perhaps a short family story about the gun. It was clearly written by an old lady reminiscing about her life and not by a Sharps collector with a deep interest in Sharps rifles or gun in general. I also felt the book was slightly overpriced. I am not sorry I bought it, but I was expecting more.
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