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38 S&W Black Powder Ammo .358" 150 Grain RN Hollow Base Bullet (THIS IS NOT 38 SPECIAL) Box of 50 - Product Review
Item: AMO38SWB  Ample Stock
Manufacturer: Buffalo Arms Co.
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Reviewed By: Keoni D.
Review Date: 9/6/2014
great ammo for anybody with an old top break. I use this in my 2nd model Iver Johnson revolver. I have noticed that accuracy seems to suffer after the first cylinder. it could be that the bullets are a tad too small or gumming from the BP. i will experiment more if i ever start reloading. until then i'll be having a blast!

Reviewed By: Bill K.
Review Date: 3/9/2013
This is great ammo. I have 9 old S&W and H&R pistols in 38 cal. and this is the best stuff I ever used, nice packaging and clean burning. I hope they start loading 32 rim fire and 32 center fire cartridges for my other pistols and this will be the ultimate ammo company for S&W oldies. This ammo is better than the original product of the 1800s.
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