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Muzzleloading Steel Nipples M6 x .75 Thread for Pietta Revolvers Price for Package of 6 - Product Review
Item: RMC095  Ample Stock
Manufacturer: Rightnour Manufacturing Co. Inc.
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Reviewed By: George M.
Review Date: 8/9/2016
I own two Pietta, model 1851 Colts, in cal. .44. These nipples are for them. I searched the internet for the best nipples at the best price and I chose these. First, they are the correct size M6 X .75. Second, they are stainless steel - which are more durable. Some people complained these needed touch up filing - there were rough spots. I found these to be well made and there were no 'rough spots' on mine. They screwed perfectly into my cylinders. The diameter hole matched to my originals. A simple glance to compare, these nipples seem superior to the originals which are blued. The only drawback is these nipples extend slightly taller than the originals. Still, my cylinder spins freely with them on. I use Remington #10 caps on them. Yes they fit, but I must squeeze the caps slightly for a snug fit so they will not fall off. This is NOT the fault of the nipples. There is no industry standard for sizing #10 caps. Each manufacturer makes its 'best guess'. My conclusion, I shall keep these and use them.

Reviewed By: John G.
Review Date: 11/4/2013
Great product and fast helpful service! Thanks Buffalo Arms

Reviewed By: Josh M.
Review Date: 6/26/2013
These aren't #11 nipples. Remington 11s fall right off 'em. I heard this on a forum after I ordered them, called this company and tried to cancel my order. They assured me it would be done. Well, charged my card anyway, and they arrived on my doorstep today, so I measured them. I even called Ox yoke and they assured me that they're made for #10 caps. They're excellently made, but they AIN'T #11 NIPPLES. ***Thanks for the update all our info from Treso said they are for #11's***
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