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Repro of the Unertl Type Scope used on USMC Sniper Rifles, Recoil Spring not Attached but Included - Product Review
Item: WM8USMC  Ample Stock
Manufacturer: Leatherwood/Hi-Lux, Inc.
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Reviewed By: D Hart
Review Date: 11/20/2012
I am using this on my 1903 Springfield and shooting paper at 1000 yards. What a great scope with repeatable settings and great optics. If I do my part I have no problem keeping most of my shots in the 10 and X ring. I can't wait to shoot this in competition! I highly recommend this scope.

Reviewed By: G. Smith
Review Date: 11/20/2012
I used this scope on my 1903 Springfield in a CMP match with great success, no problems. Repeatable clicks made sight adjustments easy, I have to say this scope worked as designed,, very good optics. While quality is very good it is not quite as good as my Unertls but then not near the cost of an original USMC sniper scope so I can only give it 4 stars.

Reviewed By: James D.
Review Date: 11/19/2012
Well, they looked good. I bought two of them for repro Marine Sniper rifles, one 1903A1 and one Model 70. Neither survived one trip to the range. The spine came loose from one, the other shed parts from the mounts. They both went back. Thanks for the refund, but I had SOLD some real Unertls to get these that were closer to the orignals in appearance. To me, these are worthless as anything more than display pieces.
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