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PQ Shooter's Friend Recoil Pad - Product Review
Item: ROL924  Ample Stock
Manufacturer: N/A
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Reviewed By: Bruce D.
Review Date: 7/4/2013
This recoil pad is awesome. I have a C sharps 45-70 with a serious crescent butt. First time I shot it without the pad and it hurt like hell and I had a nasty black/blue patch for 2 weeks. With the pad, nada. I fill in the hollow gap, as required with bubble wrap.

Reviewed By: Leland R.
Review Date: 4/30/2011
After trying this pad I ordered three more. I shoot a 45-90 at midrange matches, and the Shooter's Friend does everything it is advertised to do, namely make it possible to fire 70+ rounds of heavy loads without hurting the shoulder. Great product, very inexpensive for what it offers.
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