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Kirst Konverter for Pietta 1851/1861 with Loading Gate 38 Long Colt - Product Review
Item: KK1861PG  Ample Stock
Manufacturer: Kirst Company
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Reviewed By: Steve W.
Review Date: 3/13/2012
I recently ordered a Kirst cartridge conversion cylinder for my Pietta 1851 36 caliber. I am extremely happy with it! It's listed as 38 long Colt, but 38 specials drop right in. It was a perfect fit right from the box and locks up like a safe door. No side or end play at all. I used 3.3 grains of 700X and a standard 36 caliber round ball in mixed 38 special casesl. It was the mildest published load I could find. There is no recoil, and fired cases drop freely from the cylinder. It's accurate, too! I deviated from the instructions, and instead of using a Dremel for the entire operation, I used a single cut round file. It took a little longer, but I felt I had better control. I highly recommend the Kirst conversion cylinder to others! Steve
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