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Kirst Civil War Cartridge Konverter for Uberti 1858 Remington 45 Colt - Product Review
Item: KK1858UCW  Temporarily Unavailable - Back-Orders OK
Manufacturer: Kirst Company
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Reviewed By: Boogerered
Review Date: 3/22/2012
I purchased a Kirst Konverter for my 1858 Remington Carbine about 3 years ago. My gunsmith did some finishing touches plus the inletting for the loading gate. I had been shooting it as a black powder gun for about 15 years, found it very accurate,, though picking pieces of cap out of forhead and cheeks was only tolorable. Could not let my sons shoot because they did not wear glasses. As a .45 Colt it is my favorite shooter. At 60 feet bulls eye nearly every time. Conversion is close to best thing I ever did.
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