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Kelley Front Sight with 3/8" Dove Tail - Product Review
Item: AKELFS375  Ample Stock
Manufacturer: Jim Kelley
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Reviewed By: Dan C.
Review Date: 2/8/2012
I have this sight on my 50-90 Sharps Winchester 1885 BPCR and it always seems to generate comments from onlookers. I have the Soule sights on the hind end and the combination is just stunning on this rifle. They also work pretty good also. These sights really dress up a classic gun and although a mite pricey they are worth the money and then some. These are the Bentley's of the gun sights! Great looking and made like a Abrahams tank. The adjustments on the rear soule sight are precise and repeatable ad infinitum. A mite of lubricant and you are good to go. With these sights I can consistently hammer at a steel target at 400 yds without a care. I have tried it at 1,000 yds a few times but my skills are really not up to that level of shooting just yet. I have been pretty successful at up to 600 yds but that is with little wind. Once I get out to 1,000 yds I seem to lose most of it. Although one day I did score 7 out of 10 on a 6' target at the long range, but alas not really a group.....more like an association. Really these are a great value and will dress up your rifle and do you proud every day.
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