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303 Savage Cases - Product Review
Item: JAM303SAV  Ample Stock
Manufacturer: Captech International (Formerly Jamison International)
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Reviewed By: Mike N.
Review Date: 4/22/2013
The old Savage 99s in .303 caliber just seem to beg for more attention and with the new Jamison brass that attention is easy to give. I got a batch of twenty new .303 cases from Jamison and those were taken to the loading bench right away. After being primed with CCI Large Rifle primers, the cases were charged with **.0 grains of IMR #3031 powder and then loaded with .308” diameter Hornady 180 grain round nose bullets, seated with the cannular well down into the .303’s neck so the loaded rounds had an overall length not exceeding 2 ½ inches. That load almost duplicates the old Remington/Peters loading with their 180 grain bullet and my handloads crossed the chronograph with an average velocity of about 2050 feet per second from my rifle's 22" barrel. While that is a bit slower than what the Hornady bullet is actually designed for, it is still good and well within the working range for the .303. My old 99R in .303 Savage showed it can put those loads to good use by putting the bullets into a 2 ½ inch group on a 100 yard target. Just to be sure of things while loading the new brass, I full length sized them and expanded the necks before loading. Even those the cases were unfired, it's best to be sure of all "diameter" before loading them. The brass is the right length and nicely annealed. Good stuff.
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