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1860 Henry Rifle Civil War Model 24" 44-40 WCF Standard Blue Finish - Product Review
Item: CA239M02AS2  Ample Stock
Manufacturer: Uberti Imported by Cimarron Firearms
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Reviewed By: Jim J.
Review Date: 5/10/2016
I've always wanted one of these and I am not disappointed in the least. It is the most beautiful firearm I own and the fit and finish is excellent. The contrast between the bright brass receiver and deep rich bluing of the barrel makes this rifle a pleasure to look at and the wood is smooth as glass. I added a Henry sling to complete the look. The action is smooth and cycles ammo without a stutter. The trigger is light and crisp with no gritty creep. It's very fun to shoot this rifle and I can see why the union troops that used these were very proud to have one. I sure am. I have to thank Buffalo Arms for offering this at a good price and for the hassle free ordering/shipping process.

Reviewed By: Major Arthur Henrick- Paymaster
Review Date: 4/29/2011
Greetings fine readers, I own one of these but laser engraved since 2010. Turns heads at firing ranges. Loads 13 blanks in the tube (or real rounds) and one in the chamber... so 14. Originals used rimfire and could load 16 or 17 (plus one in the chamber?). Most letters to home say "16 shooters" but unknown if one is in the chamber. Originals did not have 1/2 cock so one in the chamber would be tricky. It fires Regular Winchester 44/40 Super X smokeless nicely. Less kick and very little smoke compared to cowboy black powder loads. Black powder (28 grains, not 40.. measured one) has a small kick. My 13 year old son can shoot it standing up but prefers the smokeless because of the kick. Very accurate at 100 yards .. 6 bullets all on target but the kick of Black Powder makes it harder to hit the target. Very little blow back (gas leak) and cleaning up the bore was very easy... easier than a Black powder pistol. I don't plan on taking apart the inner works (did that once, VERY SHARP siding) but once a year. I do Civil War Reenacting and have made balsa wood blanks.. total cost per bullet is about 40 cents (same cost of firing an CW Enfield if you buy the ammo at events with caps) but cost is lower if you collect and ruse the brass (to 25 cents a shot). At 15 feet, nothing intact comes out so safe to fire. Most reenenactors use crimped brass but you can't recycle then. Great gun... heavy, sturdy and full of history. Read the many web pages devoted to 1860 Henry before firing it... can damage the gun and soft metal if you don't pull up the loading sprint ALL THE WAY to the top to lift up the blocking tab... and watch out for the "Henry Thumb" as the spring shoots back. I remain your most humble and obedient servant, Major Arthur Henrick, Paymaster, Pay Department Department of the Pacific, ACWA.
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