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Reviewed By: Zack Taylor
Review Date: 3/22/2016
Have been using this set of mould handles on RCBS, SAECO, BACO and Paul Jones moulds with complete satisfaction, once a new technique was developed. There is a HUGE difference between using these handles and others and a rhythm and technique once developed saves the mould and caster a lot of problems with very uniform results. DO NOT close the mould faces together by putting any force on the handles, allow gravity and the weight of the mould blocks to GENTLY bring the block alignment holes and pins together BEFORE locking the handles and you too will learn to love these.

Reviewed By: Wayne H. K.
Review Date: 2/18/2016
I have 2 of the original style locking mould holders and really like them a couple weeks ago I bought a set of the new style for a new mould. These handles are not near the same as the old ones. Mount fingers have been thinned ( .060 clearance between handles and blocks) making for extra clearance not just the old west blocks I tried but I also tried rcbs, lyman and brooks moulds on them with same results. Excessive clearance keeping blocks from easily being aligned and closed. The adjuster is a single thread now not the left and right hand that allowed easy adjustment of clamp pressure. Quality workmanship as far as fit and finish but the accountants appear to be designing them now. Much cheaper and not the same usability as what they originally were. Personally Id have rather paid a little more for the same performance than the same for less.

Reviewed By: Kevin F.
Review Date: 12/12/2015
I have several of these bought over a couple of years. I love the first ones and the newer (current) ones are even better. They have significantly improved the adjustment and lockup over time. These handles properly adjusted eliminate one of the variables in consistent casting technique for me. No matter how tired my hand gets, these hold the mold closed with the same pressure from beginning to end of my session.

Reviewed By: Dan T.
Review Date: 2/19/2015
I used to have "tennis elbow" in my mould-handle elbow. After switching to the first version of these handles, about 10 years ago, I've not had any elbow problems. Last week I cast about 700 bullets, with ease, over the course of 3 days. Before having these great handles I'd have been in pain. Once one learns how to use them, they will never go back to regular mould handles again.

Reviewed By: Jesse S.
Review Date: 11/16/2014
I've been using these handles for a while now. Long enough to learn how useful they are. I'm a commercial loader of fancy ammo. When I cast, it's in runs of a couple thousand pieces running from 200 grns to 500 grns from 4 gang moulds. These handles ad a little weight to the mold but the ergonomics make up for that and then some. With molds and projectiles this heavy it can really wear you out. These are so easy to use. Also, I don't know how these only cost 70 dollars. They're complex and beautifully made. I no longer use any other handles. Another thing, they open really wide, which has its advantages. They fit lee 6 gang(just reverse them, remove the wood handle from the cam and use your mallet to run the sprue plate) and the biggest mold blocks from N.O.E(another great product)

Reviewed By: Roger R.
Review Date: 2/24/2014
I currently have two of these mould handles, and have made well over 2,000 bullets with them. I originally bought the standard type of mould handles when I first started out. Being that I am an amputee and no right hand, it was a bit difficult to hold handles closed and pour hot lead. I did some searching on the internet and found these, what a life saver! Once you adjust them to your mould it's time to get to work. I am able to hold the handles with my prosthetic and it's very consistent from round to round. Look no further - these are the best I have found to date!
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