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1858 Remington Army .44 Caliber Black Powder Percusion Muzzleloader 5 1/2" Stainless Steel - Product Review
Item: CA106  Ample Stock
Manufacturer: Uberti Imported by Cimarron Firearms
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 4.75 stars
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Reviewed By: Daniel L.
Review Date: 6/5/2015
Magnifique revolver... Vive Uberti... Le must !

Reviewed By: rickey h.
Review Date: 4/26/2014
This is one of the best looking and feeling Remington's in my collection. The Stainless steel is superb and it arrived with a little blackpowder already on it. I watched a video on Uberti and they always test their revolvers by firing a charge over 3 times the load to test them. This is a beautity to hold and look at. I can't wait till I get the 45LC Conversion cylinder next week! Uberti makes fine revolvers for Cimarron!

Reviewed By: Dee M.
Review Date: 1/3/2013
Awaiting restock on the five and a half but own same in 8 and flawless I would put it on equal of the discontinued Ruger Old Army in function and quality but authentic for re-inactment So have no doubts in regards to the 5" plus several Uberti owned BP and cartridge and never an issue with any of those cant say that for all Italian models in my collection or on the market. Please re-stock this one soon.

Reviewed By: Melissa C.
Review Date: 2/6/2012
Very nice revolver and really pleasing to look at. Very happy I went for the stainless steel over the blued version. Looks good in the picture but is a beauty holding it in your hand. Points good and is well balanced. Action is nice and smooth with perfect lock-up and timing. Shipped and received in good time. Named mine Jade after my daughter's middle name. Can't wait to go "bust a cap"...
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