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1861 Navy Military Model Black Powder Revolver .36 Caliber 7 1/2" Cut for Stock Standard Blue - Product Review
Item: CA050  Ample Stock
Manufacturer: Uberti Imported by Cimarron Firearms
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Reviewed By: Gatofeo
Review Date: 9/11/2011
Outstanding quality! This 1861 Colt, made by Uberti, is marketed by Cimmaron Arms. It is my understanding that Cimmaron selects the best Ubertis, gives them a little extra polish and care, then rollmarks the Cimmaron address on the barrel. This revolver has the Italian proofmarks carefully hidden, and looks much like an original Colt. The fit and finish are outstanding. Tolerances are held to exacting standards. It locks up tight and has one of the best single-action trigger pulls I've found on any revolver, not just a percussion. I like the steel backstrap and triggerguard, in this military model. It gives it an "all business" look. So far, my best load has been a .380 inch ball, 1/8" thick felt wad lubricated with Gatofeo No. 1 Lubricant (search the net for this home-brew recipe), 22 grains of Goex FFFG black powder and a Remington No. 11 cap. At 25 yards, from a benchrest, this load and revolver will put six balls into a 2" circle if you do your part. My only complaint is that the front sight is too wide for the notch in the hammer, so sight alignment is difficult. I'll have to either file the front sight thinner, or widen the rear sight notch. But these are minor tasks. Like its older brother the 1851, this 1861 Navy is one of the best-balanced handguns ever made. It points like a laser. The price, at around $300, is a bargain. This is the kind of revolver that, if properly maintained and stored, will become an heirloom, even though it's a reproduction of a Colt. It's that nice! When I first received it I removed the nipples, put ample grease in the action, alongside the hammer, on the cylinder pin and on the back of the cylinder. Then I dry-fired it about 1,000 times, sitting in front of the TV. Though the action was smooth when received, this made it even smoother. It's like glass now. But remember to remove the nipples before dry firing, or you'll damage the cones on the nipples! I've been shooting cap and ball revolvers since about 1970. I've seen some good ones, and plenty of junk. I'd rate this as one of the best revolvers I own, cartridge or cap and ball. Buffalo Arms has the best prices on Cimmaron percussion revolvers. Plus, they're good people to deal with. I highly recommend this revolver and Buffalo Arms. Take the word of a grumpy, ol' desert cat -- get this revolver and find out just how good an Italian-made copy of the Colt can be.
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