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8X52R Siamese Cases* - Product Review
Item: 8X52RSIAMESE  Low Stock
Manufacturer: Buffalo Arms Co.
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Reviewed By: Thana S.
Review Date: 9/30/2012
I am glad that Buffalo arms make this case because otherwise shooting my Siamese Mauser would be prohibitively expensive . The case fit and work well with my Mauser. I use special order Lee collet die , it involve a bit of extra steps to assemble the ammunition but the end result is great. I did not have to fire form the case ,in fact, the first batch of reload I use 8 mm Label die to assemble the loaded ammuntion so that I can get the fired cases to Lee for that special order.

Reviewed By: Allan B.
Review Date: 2/19/2012
Cases were made from RP 45/70 brass. No surprise, except they need to be fire formed, something I didn't know and was not informed of. No big deal, it was just a surprise when comparing fired cases to unfired!! Also, since the rim is turned down from .60" to .565", a 7.62X54R shell holder fits a lot better than the 45/70 shell holder. I had problems with the case slipping out the the shell holder when resizing/priming. The 7.62X54R is a perfect fit. ****Many early military & some early commercial chambers differ in dimensions this is what you are seeing in your rifle. DG***
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