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6.5X53.5R French Daudeteau Cases for Mauser Conversions* - Product Review
Item: 6.5X53.5DAUD  Low Stock
Manufacturer: Buffalo Arms Co.
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Reviewed By: Charlie Schwartz "50-70"
Review Date: 1/18/2014
Picked up a 90% 1871/92 Mauser-Dovitas last week. Ordered the 45-70 reworked RP cases. Order came in yesterday and I promptly loaded 100 rounds. At first the cases worked stiffly in the action being a very tight fit the last 1/4" of bolt turn. A quick run through the CH4D dies and the chambering was flawless. Uniformity of bases and OAL was just about perfect: no trimming required at all. BACo products have been extremely satisfying and the customer service A-one.
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