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35 WSL Cases Bertram Box of 20 - Product Review
Item: BER35WSL  Ample Stock
Manufacturer: Bertram Bullet Co.
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Reviewed By: John P.
Review Date: 6/8/2013
I ordered 2 boxes of this brass. The product was barely adequate. I had to discard 2 cases for deformed rims, and another 2 for slightly crushed case mouths. Overall, I'd say that the brass is a little on the "thin" side, so not sure how many reloads it will do. I have fired some of the initial loads and resized/reloaded, so we'll have to see what the brass looks like after the second firing... but then, it's the "only game in town," isn't it!***Don't forget our reformed 35WSL item number 35WSL as an alternative.***
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