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10.4X47R Italian Vetterli Centerfire Cases* - Product Review
Item: 10.4X47R  Low Stock
Manufacturer: Buffalo Arms Co.
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Reviewed By: Charles W. .
Review Date: 4/18/2014
The brass I received was, as usual top quality. This is one round that you have to re-invent the wheel in order for proper chambering. The proper bullet to use is a .430 diameter lead weighing 320 grains. If you just seat the bullet for OAL of 2.2" you will discover to your horror that the round will choke in the chamber and the bolt will not close. You will probably find that you have to use a mallet to reopen the bolt. Here is the solution: Run loaded round through FL resize die. This will reduce the neck diameter. Bullet base with the heel inside the cartridge to about .410. Good luck.
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