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American Military Bayonets of the 20th Century by Gary M. Cunningham, with Foreword by Scott A. Duff

ISBN 1-888722-08-8
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American Military Bayonets of the 20th Century by Gary M. Cunningham, with Foreword by Scott A. Duff. - A single reference book that chronicles the U.S. knife bayonet from those used on the M1892 Krag rifle to the M16. All copies signed by Scott Duff


The cry "Fix Bayonets!" has caused a rush of adrenaline for 350 years. Early muzzle-loading flintlock muskets were fired from one to several times as opposing lines of infantry closed. Then after firing his last possible shot, the socket-bayonet-mounted musket became a short pike; at that instant infantry combat regressed several centuries.


The development of magazine-fed rapid-firing rifles in the late 19th century diminished the importance of the bayonet charge. It became not quite a thing of the past, though nearly so. Yet the knife-type bayonet was still deemed a useful combination of weapon and tool.


No military rifle is truly complete without its matching bayonet and scabbard. Combining bayonet and rifle not only enhances the appearance of the ensemble but also more closely represents its use by the infantryman.


Until now no single reference book has chronicled U.S. military knife bayonets of the 20 century. Gary Cunningham, a bayonet historian and collector since 1960, has written this book as a culmination of his studies and his acquisitions. In the author's words, "A guide for collectors, including notes on makers, markings, finishes, variations, scabbards, and production data." Covered are bayonets from the Model of 1892 used on the Krag rifle to the current issue M9 for the M16.


The layout and text is "user-friendly" to beginning and advanced collectors alike. Bayonets and scabbards are addressed in the orider that tehy were adopted. The computer-generated line drawings are of outstanding clarity. A detailed "Specifications Box" is included on each model to guide the reader through the variations.


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