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Cartridge Carbines of the British Army
isbn 9781880677131
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| Manufacturer: Excalibur Publications
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By Alan M. Petrillo. The British Army has a long and proud history in the area of firearms development and integration of those arms into its fighting units. This book traces Britain's use of Breech-loading cartridge carbines from the development of the first Snider artillery and cavalry carbines, through the various Martini carbines (Henry, Metford and Enfield), to the Lee-Metford and Lee-Enfield Carbines introduced at the turn of the last century. The book concludes with a chapter on the commonly known Jungle Carbine, the Number 5 Mark 1, as well as a chapter on the specifications for all the carbines covered in the time period. 72 pages, 6" x 9", laminated soft cover, 40 photographs.

isbn 9781880677131
Manufacturer: Excalibur Publications
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