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Gibbs Long Range Muzzleloader .451" Caliber Item: S225  Ample Stock
Manufacturer: Pedersoli
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This is Pedersoli's copy of the Gibbs Long Range Muzzleloader. The barrel is 35 1/4" broached cut rifled with five lands and grooves. Twist rate is 1-18" which is a correct rate if you want to shoot long range. If your current muzzleloader doesn't shoot so well at longer yardages, especially 800-1000 yards, check your twist rate. If it isn't 1-18" or quicker, this is most likely your accuracy problem. These rifles are already proving themselves in long range competition.

The stock is made in European walnut, hand checkered, oil polished and completed with a blued steel butt plate and ebony nose cap. Equipped with a tang sight windage and elevation adjustable, wind gauge spirit level globe front sight with inserts. Rifle weighs 11 pounds.

  • Manufacturer: Pedersoli
  • Shipping Weight: 18 lbs
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