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Howell Old West Conversions
R&D Cartridge Conversion Engraved with Loading Gate for 1851 & 1861 Uberti 38 Long Colt
Item: RD1851UEG  Ample Stock
| Manufacturer: Howell Old West Conversions
Your Price: $303.32
This is a R&D Cartridge Conversion for the 1851 or 1861 Pietta Navy .36 caliber percussion revolver with loading gate. This cylinder will convert your .36 caliber percussion revolver to use 38 Long Colt cartridge loaded with hollow base or heeled bullets. You can also use our 38 Special hollow based wadcutter ammunition item #AMOU38SHB. The cylinders are rated "For Black Powder or Equivalent Loads Only", which includes the current Cowboy Loads on the market. You will need to drill and tap two 6-32 screws and cut the loading groove, complete instructions are enclosed. The cylinder is engraved with naval battle scene. To overcome the larger bore of the original barrel, it is recommended that you use either hollow based bullets or heeled type bullets.

(If, after installation, you are unsure of the fit, please take your revolver to a competent gunsmith or contact R & D Gun Shop to make sure you have the cylinder installed correctly.)

Manufacturer: Howell Old West Conversions
Shipping Weight: 1 lbs
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