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Harrell's Precision Premium Powder Measure 6-120 Grain Item: HPPREMIUM  Ample Stock
Manufacturer: Harrell's Precision
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Item Comments:
For Smokeless powder only. Harrell's Precision Premium Powder Measure. The new Premium Culver type measure is one of the finest they produce. This measure has two precision roller bearings, one on each end of the metering device to reduce vertical play to a few ten thousandths of an inch. The roller bearings also make it incredibly smooth for a much better feel.

OTHER NEW FEATURES: Left or right hand use. Four cutting edges, two left and two right hand. Brass metering device encapsulated in a stainless steel bushing. New space saving design with 16 ounce bottle. 120 grain, 200 click, 6 clicks between numbers, .1 grain per click adjustment, easily converts to 4 clicks.

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