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The Mould Holder Steel Bullet Mould Handles

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These lead bullet casting mould handles will fit most one and two cavity RCBS, Lyman, Saeco and custom bullet moulds. Bullets are more consistent by the elimination of the variable of mould pressure. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from older and handicapped people who have been able to cast with this holder. Feed back has included better bullets (less difference of weight from bullet to bullet), faster, less hand problems and fatigue (very common for older casters). Note, New Feature: The adjusting screw has a brass screw on the toggle to lock the adjustment. Will now work with some 4 cavity moulds. Works with Saeco 4 cavity molds.
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Recent Reviews Rating: Reviewed By: Zack Taylor Review Date: 3/22/2016 Comments: Have been using this set of mould handles on RCBS, SAECO, BACO and Paul Jones moulds with complete satisfaction, once a new technique was developed. There is a HUGE difference between using these handles and others and a rhythm and technique once devel...
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Rating: Reviewed By: Wayne H. K. Review Date: 2/18/2016 Comments: I have 2 of the original style locking mould holders and really like them a couple weeks ago I bought a set of the new style for a new mould. These handles are not near the same as the old ones. Mount fingers have been thinned ( .060 clearance between han...
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Rating: Reviewed By: Kevin F. Review Date: 12/12/2015 Comments: I have several of these bought over a couple of years. I love the first ones and the newer (current) ones are even better. They have significantly improved the adjustment and lockup over time. These handles properly adjusted eliminate one of the variables...
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Rating: Reviewed By: Dan T. Review Date: 2/19/2015 Comments: I used to have "tennis elbow" in my mould-handle elbow. After switching to the first version of these handles, about 10 years ago, I've not had any elbow problems. Last week I cast about 700 bullets, with ease, over the course of 3 days. Before having ...
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Rating: Reviewed By: Jesse S. Review Date: 11/16/2014 Comments: I've been using these handles for a while now. Long enough to learn how useful they are. I'm a commercial loader of fancy ammo. When I cast, it's in runs of a couple thousand pieces running from 200 grns to 500 grns from 4 gang moulds. These handles ad a ...
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