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#43S Shell holder 4D item #40843S.

Item: 4D43SSH  Ample Stock
  Manufacturer: CH4D
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CH4D Shell holder 43S for the following: 10.7x65R Collath, 10.75x70R Collath, 11.15x37R Grensaufsher, 11.5x50R Werder, 11.5x57 Spanish Reformado, 11.7x41.5R Danish Remington, 10.66x57R, 42 Russian Berdan, 10.7x57R Krag, 11.7x45R Danish Remington, 11.7x51R Danish Remington, 11.7x56R Danish Remington, 11.7x57R Berdan, 12.7x70 Schuler, 30 Super Flanged Nitro Express, 44-60 Sharps, 43 Spanish Remington Long, 44-77SBN Shiloh, 44-90 Remington Straight 2.4", 44-100 Remington Straight 2.6", 44-90 Sharps Necked, 45 Ballard 2.4", 45-50 Peabody, 375 Flanged Magnum Nitro Express 2.85", 446 Express, 500 Phantom

These are the recommended calibers for this shell holder you may find it will work for others not listed or that it may not always fit the caliber shown do to variations in cases.
  • Manufacturer: CH4D
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