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RCBS Cowboy 12 Gauge Brass Shot Shell Die Set
Item: RCB99060  Low Stock
| Manufacturer: RCBS
Your Price: $95.33
This RCBS Cowboy 12 Gauge Brass Shot Shell Die Set includes a 1 1/4"-12 thread Die Body Assembly, Shell Holder, Decapping Rod Assembly, Crimp Sleeve and Crimp Bushing for reloading brass shotgun shells. Be sure to check for compatibility with your loading press as this die set has a 1 1/4"-12 thread. The RCBS Cowboy 12 Gauge Brass Shot Shell Die Set is designed to be used in any RCBS single stage press with a removable die bushing and then performs like a rifle sizing die. The Cowboy Shotshell die will first size and de-prime the case. Re-priming is done with the standard priming provided with the press. Use your shotshell press to fill the case with powder, seat the wad and spacers and dispense your shot charge. Remove the sizing ring and install the finish crimp. Place your over shot card onto the shot charge and run up into the die to roll crimp the case mouth and you are done!

RCBS Cowboy Dies are built to slightly different dimensions than our regular dies to allow optimum sizing expanding, seating and crimping needed to load great lead bullet ammo for Cowboy Action shooters of lever-action rifles, cowboy shotguns and single-action revolvers. Comes with a shell holder! `

Manufacturer: RCBS
Shipping Weight: 1.25 lbs
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