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1876 Decamp, Levoy & Company Saddlery Catalogue Item: 1876DL Ample Stock
Manufacturer: Collector's Library $14.00
Fully illustrated. 6" x 8 1/2", 113 pages. Softbound. ISBN 0963120x54
58 and 50 Caliber Rifles & Carbines Springfield Item: FFC Ample Stock
Manufacturer: North Cape Publications $19.95
isbn 9781882391387
A How-To Guide for the Gun Collector Item: ETT Ample Stock
Manufacturer: Andrew Mowbray-Publisher $35.99
isbn 1931464227
Cartridge Carbines of the British Army Item: CCBA Ample Stock
Manufacturer: Excalibur Publications $11.95
isbn 9781880677131
Cartridge Reloading Tools of the Past Item: CRTP Ample Stock
Manufacturer: Tom Quigley $25.00
isbn 0966133404
Cartridges of the World 14th Edition Item: COW14 Low Stock
Manufacturer: KP Books/F+W Publications $35.19
Carvings from the Veldt Part I by David C. George Item: CFV1 Ample Stock
Manufacturer: Northern Rivers $98.00
ISBN: 0-646-44043-8
Cast Bullets for the BPC Rifle, by Matthews Item: CBBPCR Low Stock
Manufacturer: Wolfe Publishing Co. $22.50
Civil War Carbines by Peter Schiffers Item: CWC Ample Stock
Manufacturer: Andrew Mowbray-Publisher $29.99
ISBN 1931464332
Civil War Sharps Carbines & Rifles, By Coates & Mcaula Item: CWSCR Discontinued
Manufacturer: Thomas Publications $12.95
ISBN 0939631938
Collecting Classic Bolt Action Military Rifles Item: CCB Ample Stock
Manufacturer: Andrew Mowbray-Publisher $39.95
ISBN 9780917218965
Colt An American Legend By R.L. Wilson Item: CAAL Discontinued
Manufacturer: N/A $45.90
ISBN 9780896600119
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