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.539" 375 Grain 2-Cavity RNFP Heeled Bullet Mold for 56-56 Spencer
Item: JIM2539375  Ample Stock
| Manufacturer: Buffalo Arms Co.
Your Price: $183.00
This is a double cavity mould for the 56-56 Spencer center fire conversions done on antique Spencers rifles and carbines. .768" long bullet. Groove dimensions vary in these firearms so check your groove diameter before ordering, we can make these in a variety of diameters. The heel of this bullet is tapered to fit snugly in your case. You must use our 56-50 brass made from Starline 50-70 brass (item #5656SPENCER) and 4D reloading dies (item # 4D5656)  in this caliber for proper fit. 

You must in this order: Expand the case, full length size in the 4D die, chamfer the mouth of the case. The bullet will then fit snugly in the case when seated to the top of the heel. 
Manufacturer: Buffalo Arms Co.
Shipping Weight: 2.05 lbs
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