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These quality hand cast bullets for sale are cast from 20-1 alloy and lubed with SPG lube. Our line of hand cast bullets made by Bitterroot Components are hand cast using virgin 20-1 alloy. These are not machine cast and do not use scrap alloys unlike nearly all other brands!  
These bullets are suitable for smokeless or Black Powder Cartridge firearms with velocities of up to approcimately 1,500 fps depending on bore condition.

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.358" 150 Grain FN Hollow Base Pure Lead Bullets Box of 100 Item: 358150HB Ample Stock
Manufacturer: Buffalo Arms $42.25
.358" Diameter 148 Grain HBWC Lead Bullets Item: 358148HBWC Temporarily Unavailable - Back-Orders OK
Manufacturer: Remington $0.12
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.375" 250 Grain FN Hand Cast Bullets 20-1 SPG Box of 50 Item: 375248.375 Ample Stock
Manufacturer: Bitterroot Components $27.38
.377" 250 Grain FN Hand Cast Bullets 20-1 SPG Box of 50 Item: 375248.377 Temporarily Unavailable - Back-Orders OK
Expected Delivery Date: 3/1/2017
Manufacturer: Bitterroot Components $26.25
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