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CD-ROM-1911/1911A1/Government Models by Karl Karash (2005)

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CD-ROM – 1911/1911A1/Government Models by Karl Karash (2005). This CD shows a remarkable collection of 1911s and 1911A1s, some Government Models, and Argentine Colts, and a few revolvers as well. The CD includes over 5000 high resolution photos of over 150 original pistols. Each pistol is shown in full right and left views, and most are accompanied by a file of close up detail photos showing details of the various components, markings, and overall finish. The photos are extremely sharp and clear. Brief text accompanies each full side view.

The series begins with 1911 serial number 43, from the first day of production, to serial numbers in the two millions, the end of World War II production. Also included are some National Match and commercial Colt Government Models. M1911A1 Remington Rand, Union Switch and Signal, and Ithaca are covered as are North American 1911s and M1911A1 Singers. Photos of a variety of accessories including holsters, web gear, and other accoutrements are included. A folder, labeled "parts" contains extreme close ups of details, including early parts, early markings, British proofs, and remarkable color renditions of fire blued triggers, hammers, slide stops and safety locks.

Navigating through the photos is fairly easy using Windows Explorer. Once a file is clicked on, one can view a slide show of the contents. However, it is necessary to use the back button to get to another file.

The bulk of the disc's contents are digital photos, but it also contains a folder of "articles." In this folder are a number of text files that are opened with Microsoft Word Pad. Contained are articles mainly from informal communications and on-line discussion forums. Also included is an Excel spreadsheet listing known serial numbers of NRA marked 1911's.

This CD is not substitute for Clawson's "Collector's Guide", it is a supplement to that work. It is most helpful for the collector seeking to authenticate a M1911 or M1911A1, the number of color photos and details on this disc would be impossible to duplicate in a book. No serious M1911/1911A1 pistol collector should be without this CD or without Clawson’s book. They go hand in hand as study aids.

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